Are You Really Listening To Your Music?

Adam D. – September 1, 2015

We’ve all seen it. Might it have been a friend or a stranger, we’ve all seen someone playing music on their phone and holding it up to their ear like a 21st-century boombox, jamming out. But they probably didn’t realize that they weren’t hearing the whole song — only a tinny buzz coming from the microscopic internal speakers of their device.

What’s more likely is that you’ve seen someone using Apple’s EarPods. With 135.5 million iPhones sold in the first six months of 2015 alone, these little white earbuds could possibly be the most used audio accessory out there (TechCrunch). Though they’re great and have been endlessly improved, these pesky headphones still have tendencies to break, slip out, get uncomfortable, or leak music into the airspace of innocent bystanders.

The premium headphone market, on the other hand, has boomed in recent years with stylish entrants like Beats by Dre which sell with matching premium prices. But there are still tons of quality options available for those who wish not to break the bank.

Music listening is at an all time high. Most U.S. residents listen to roughly four hours and five minutes of audio each day ( You owe it to yourself to improve the comfort and quality of your mobile music listening experience! Check out some recommendations below.

Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones ($89.95)

A solid upgrade for the casual music listener, these in-ear headphones feature comfortable rubber earpieces with a flange that help hold them in place. In addition to Bose’s signature sound and design, they come with a carrying case and are sold in three classic colors.

Sennheiser HD 219s On-Ear Headset ($64.95)

These on-ear headphones offer high quality at an entry-level price. With an in-line remote control with volume control and a built in microphone, they’ll keep you connected and in control — in addition to sounding great.

ATH-M40x Professional Monitor Headphones ($99.95)

Audio-Technica offers this critically acclaimed pair of studio headphones for a very affordable price. These full-sized, over the ear headphones come with a hard shell case, a detachable cable and are collapsible for easy storage.

So, if you love music — and want it to sound as great as possible — treat yourself to some new hardware and show yourself what your favorite music should really sound like.

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